Top 5 relaxation activities for the whole Family

In the time of the coronavirus pandemic, getting out of the house is difficult and finding some relaxation away from the kids is even harder! You can’t always find a period in your schedule for some alone time to recoup. Most of us are working remotely and as parents, we struggle to maintain serenity and peace in these stressful circumstances. Not only parents are struggling but children are learning via a laptop, finding themselves in stressful circumstances at a young age. We are seeing a huge increase in anxiety among children.


Finding relaxation and serenity during times of stress and anxiety can be beneficial to parents and children. Even though you might not be able to escape the hectic house, you might find these relaxation tips to be beneficial in your day-to-day routine.

Quiet Time

Setting aside a time in the day for quiet time. Establishing these practices with your children and making it apart of the daily routine will allow you both to have the serenity you need to have a successful day!


Taking the time to mindfully meditate for a few minutes every day can put your mind and body in the zone for the day and even promote sleep. Guided meditation can be beneficial to both children and parents to calm the brain. Lots of videos are available on YouTube as well as guided meditation apps to help with the process, and some specially made for children. Meditation is one of the ways to find more balance in a short period of time during the day.

Happy Minds Meditation has great options for children’s guided meditation

Calm has an app and website great for adults.


Exercise has proven to pump endorphins into your brain and relieve stress. High-intensity exercise can be beneficial but even activities like walking will continue to release endorphins. Try a short walk with the family or even yoga.

Children’s Exercise Videos with Joe Wicks
Yoga With Adriene Videos


Colouring has more specifically linked to helping with anxiety, but it relieves stress while promoting creativity. This is a great activity for the kids to participate in and parents can find relaxation in it as well.

Free coloring pages from Crayola.


Journaling is a great option to keep your thoughts organized and relieve pent-up emotions. Children can get in the practice at a younger age with journaling and helps with emotional expression and understanding, thus relieving stress and promoting relaxation.

SureSitter hopes you can find some relaxation during these difficult times that both you and your children can enjoy!