Nanny Payroll Services

We offer a complete nanny payroll service for families employing childminders, nannies and au pairs

Nanny Payroll Services

When you hire a nanny, childminder or au pair to look after your children in your home, you become their employer. As such, you have an obligation to provide a contract of employment and accurately calculate pay and contributions.

At SureSitter we offer parents a complete nanny payroll solution to help you meet your legal and tax obligations. We’ll file your returns, create payslips for you, and ensure your nanny’s PRSI, USC, PAYE is being paid, entitling them to social welfare benefits. We’ll help you operate as a professional and efficient employer, allowing you to relax knowing you’re fully compliant and supporting the best interests of your employee.

Why Choose SureSitter Nanny Payroll?

Our team consists of a number of highly qualified Chartered Accountants and tax consultants with extensive experience in both accountancy and personal taxation. Our Payroll service will take care of everything, including giving you the exact monthly amounts you’ll need to pay your employee and Revenue. We’ll save you time, hassle and ensure you avoid penalties from Revenue for late or incorrect filing.

SureSitter Nanny Payroll – What’s included?

✔  Tailored employment contract

✔  Registration with Revenue

✔  Calculation of PAYE, PRSI and USC to be paid

✔  Payslips emailed directly to you

✔  Filing of all returns with Revenue

✔  Arrange for a direct debit to be set up between you and Revenue, if required.

✔  Unlimited payroll support

Get expert Payroll support

✔ The SureSitter team consists of qualified Chartered Accountants and ITI members

✔ We have over 20 years experience in Payroll

✔ Dedicated Customer Service to answer any queries you may have

✔ Quick and easy set-up

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Childminders, nannies and au pairs – feel reassured

As a childcare professional, our Payroll service helps ensure you get paid on time for all jobs successfully completed for a SureSitter parent. We’ll calculate your pay PAYE, PRSI and USC for your employer, allowing them to make the right payment on pay day.

By supporting your employer, we’ll protect your interests. How you’ll benefit:

✔  We’ll provide a tailored employment contract

✔  Your employer will be registered with Revenue

✔  We’ll calculate your PAYE, PRSI and USC

✔  We’ll email ready-to-go payslips to your employer

There’s no fee for childcare professionals, all SureSitter Payroll costs are paid for by your employer. And as the parent makes the payment to you, you can agree on a preferred method with each other.

We’ll take care of everything

If you’re about to hire a live-in childminder, nanny or au pair, let us take care of all your payroll obligations as an employer from €11.44 a week.  All you’ll have to do is make the payments. Sign up below, or for more information, email us at