Simple Self-Care

Let’s be honest, we don’t give ourselves enough time in the week to focus on self-care. Self-care is so broad, for some it’s having a cuppa with their favourite book. To others it’s a long walk, or maybe it’s face masks, a glass of white and an early night. But while it seems simple it can be difficult to fit into our busy schedule, especially as moms!

When we do give ourselves that extra time for self-care we can feel guilty. We feel overwhelmed with the thought of other tasks we should be doing and can then end up thinking we don’t deserve this time-out. But that’s where we go wrong… no matter what our week or day is like we still deserve some time out. 

Your family love you and in order to give them (and you) the best version of yourself you need to mind yourself! 

Women practicing self-care

It can be a struggle to take time out, so we wanted to ask mom’s for their advice when it comes to self-care. We chatted to MumTribe and asked ‘What are your top self care tips for mums?’

“Let me start this off by saying sometimes I should listen to my own advice because this mums cup is almost empty right now!

Since starting Mum Tribe I’ve made sure to surround myself with positive, empowering people who make me feel good about myself.  So that’s without doubt tip number one.  Look at your circle, as a mum you need people around you that will support you and give your energy to them – when you surround yourself with good people you will always have someone to support you.”

Here are some tips from Mum Tribe Ireland that you can try today!

  • Bring it right back to basics – while drinking gallons of coffee sometimes feels like the only way to stay awake, swap it out with water.  Drink loads of it!  I am to drink 2L every day, and the days I don’t drink enough I know about it. Give yourself small things to look forward to, they don’t have to be expensive.  Go to bed early with a book, have a long bath and give yourself a mini pamper session. You will feel SO good afterwards.
  • Pass on jobs to your other half, if you’re like me you might think it’s easier to do things yourself BUT if you can hand over even one task to someone else it will make your mind that bit lighter.Write lists!  Brain dump how you’re feeling and niggling things that need to be done.  Once it’s out on paper feel your shoulders relax.
  • Get your rest when you can take it and grab it with both hands.  If your children don’t sleep through the night yet, use their nap time to rest.  And maximise that rest time with a meditation track to let you relax fully.
  • Be socially selective – only follow people on social media that make you feel good about yourself.  Insta is a highlight reel and it can be easy to get sucked into the illusion that everyone has it better than you so if someone’s content makes you feel bad about yourself hit that unfollow button.

“And my final self care tip – book yourself a ticket for one of our Mum Tribe virtual events, from expert talks to wellness workshops, social events and more we have something for every mum to refill that cup to the brim. And on that note I’m off to have a shower drink a litre of water and put away my phone”

Brilliant advice we could all try, remember you do deserve it so try do something for you today!