A Handy Tool to Boost Confidence!

Sometimes you want to make yourself feel prettier on the outside, and that’s okay! If you want to dye your hair, do. If you want to put on tan, then do… There’s nothing wrong with spending a little bit of time on your body, once you remind yourself that you’re more than that. You are beautiful regardless! 

Making yourself feel more beautiful can give you a confidence boost!

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This is so important as being confident can:

  • Reduce negative thoughts – Thoughts about yourself and the environment around you.

  • Give you energy and motivation –  You can use this motivation to be the best you!

  • Be an influencer – whether it’s colleagues, friends or your kids when you feel more confident you will naturally influence people and become a leader.

  • Make you feel happier!

Confidence gives you the power to be a better influence in your family, excel at work and in general have a healthier, happier mindset. So we know how important confidence is, and each of us has the tools to boost it. Your appearance can affect how you feel, and sometimes we don’t know how to harness that. We asked Céline (@honestlyceline) an expert who knows all about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.  

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‘As a beautiful woman and mother what advice would you give to moms who want to make themselves feel pretty for summer but don’t know where to start?’

Here’s what Céline had to say:

“With summer fast approaching we are all dreaming of those warmer days and balmy evenings ahead. As cliched as it sounds, beauty really does start from within. Once you feel good within yourself, it will radiate outwards.

As Mums we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of our priority list but looking after ourselves is important too, something as simple as taking time out to do some exercise, taking a long walk while listening to your favourite podcast or playlist can work wonders for your mind & body.

There’s nothing like a good sunny forecast to encourage me to self-tan, there’s just something about a layer of tan that makes us all feel better. Taking time out to do a bright colourful manicure & pedicure while listening to some music is also a great mood booster, who doesn’t love bright neon nails & tanned skin eh?!

When it comes to makeup and warmer days, a lighter base is all that’s needed allowing your skin to shine through. As a busy Mum, a bronzer is your BFF. A great tip for fellow Mammies is to use it for both eyeshadows and to bronze your face- two steps are done with one product is a time saver! A coral blush will  add a flush of colour to your cheeks and a slick of tinted gloss or lip balm and you are pretty woman herself 

Oh and my absolute top tip? Never skip on spf EVER”

Great advice from Céline! Something so simple like “listening to your favourite podcast or playlist” can actually make you feel good and boost your confidence. Why not give some of these a go and if your friend is looking to boost their confidence coming out of lockdown why not share this post with them!

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