Childcare Costs

Read our latest articles on the cost of childcare in Ireland in 2022 – everything you need to know about childcare costs and benefits.

How much should I pay my babysitter?

How much are babysitters paid in Ireland? Wondering what’s the average babysitting rate is in Ireland? How much should you pay your babysitter? There are no laws or regulations to determine this. The rate you pay your babysitter is dependent on a number of factors including location, experience and age. In general, parents hire babysitters…

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ECCE Scheme (free pre-school year) Ireland

What is the ECCE Scheme? There‚Äôs no denying that childcare costs are extremely high, Irish families pay on average over a quarter of their disposable income on childcare costs, making it one of the highest in the OECD countries. Schemes like the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) scheme provide some relief to families with…

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Back to School Allowance in Ireland

Back to School Allowance. August is a very expensive month for parents. Between the cost of school books, uniforms and other school supplies it all adds up. This is particularly the case if you have more than one child. A recent survey by the Irish League of Credit Unions found that the average cost of…

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