Au Pair Rights in Ireland

What are your rights as an Au Pair in Ireland?

Au Pairs in Ireland are considered employees and have the same rights as any other employee, including the right to minimum wage. The minimum wage in Ireland increased to €10.50 (from €10.20) from 1 February 2021.

Minimum wage rates – Au Pair Ireland

  Minimum hourly rate €
Minimum wage (Aged 20 or over) 10.50
Aged 19 9.45
Aged 18 8.40
Aged under 18 7.35


Can a host family make any deductions?  

In certain cases, yes. If your host family provides you with board (food) and lodgings (accommodation), then they are entitled to deduct the following amounts:

– For board only: €0.90 per hour worked (calculation at hourly rate)

– For lodgings only: €23.86 per week or €3.42 per day


What are your rights as an Au Pair?

As an Au Pair you should be aware of the following rights which you are entitled to:

  • Au Pairs are entitled to the National minimum wage as noted above, allowing for the deductions for board and lodgings if appropriate
  • Au Pairs should be given a written statement which covers the terms of their contract and should be provided with payslips
  • Au Pairs must not work more than 48 hours per week or an average of 48 hours per week calculated over a four-month period
  • Au Pairs are entitled to annual leave of at least 4 working weeks per year and a record of hours worked and holidays taken should be kept
  • Minimum notice periods should be given on termination of employment
  • Au Pairs are entitled to rest breaks of 15 minutes for every 4.5 hours worked or 30 minutes for every 6 hours worked
  • Au Pairs must be provided with a safe and healthy working environment
  • The onus to comply with the laws and regulations rests with the family as the employer

If you have any issues or concerns you can contact the  Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) or Citizens Information

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