Advice for Childminders / Caregivers

Read our latest posts related to advice for childminders and caregivers. From tips for nannies and au pairs, to advice on working as a childminder during Covid times, we hope you find some useful information here.

Language Courses for Au Pairs in Ireland – What You Need to Know

Top Tips for Finding Au Pair Language Courses in Ireland If you’re looking for a new life experience, then seeking a job as an au pair in Ireland can be a great way to do just that. Not only will you learn about a new culture, experiencing it first-hand, but you can also improve your…

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Au Pair Rights in Ireland

What are your rights as an Au Pair in Ireland? Au Pairs in Ireland are considered employees and have the same rights as any other employee, including the right to minimum wage. The minimum wage in Ireland increased to €10.50 (from €10.20) from 1 February 2021. Minimum wage rates – Au Pair Ireland   Minimum…

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Life as a Nanny

What is life like as a nanny or childminder? Being a nanny or childminder is very rewarding. Although the hours are often long, the days go by very quickly as every day is varied and there is always lots of fun to be had and errands to do. You become a  huge part of the…

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Tips for choosing the right family to work with as a nanny

How to choose the right family to work with? Choosing the right family to work for is so important as a childminder or nanny. Nanny jobs vary hugely – some are sole charge, others are shared care, some are live in, others live out. You have to decide what type of nanny job you would…

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Childminding during COVID-19

Childmiding during COVID-19 – as we get used to our new normal, parents are starting to return to work and are starting to bring childminders back into their homes. As a childminder or nanny it is up to you to make the decide whether or not you feel comfortable returning to work. There are a…

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Post COVID: Your Childminder’s Safe Return to Work

Post COVID: Your Childminder’s Safe Return to Work As the COVID lockdown restrictions start to lift, childcare and the safe return to work is a high priority for most families after weeks of being at home.  For some, this means their childminders will return to work in their home, other children will be going back…

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