How to find nanny Jobs?

How to Find Nanny Jobs near me – 4 Simple Steps

Becoming a professional nanny is not as easy as it looks. Being a nanny you have to be passionate about your profession and know the ins and outs of this career. If you are looking to become a nanny and are wondering where to find work, luckily SureSitter can help you. Here are 4 simple steps to help you get there:

  1. Create a profile 
  2. Tell parents why you would make a great nanny for their family 
  3. Send messages to families using our messaging board
  4. Apply for Jobs!

There are lots of ways to enhance your profile to ensure you have the best chance of finding work. These include:

  •  Ensure your profile is complete
  • Verify your ID to provide parents with an additional layer of trust
  • Upload your Garda vetting cert if you have or if you don’t request Garda vetting through SureSitter
  • Upload a short video to your profile telling parents a little bit about yourself

Typical Salary for Nanny Jobs 

Following through with the last step into finding a nanny job; know your worth! Being a nanny is not an easy job and you should be aware of the average rates nanny’s get paid in your area. Also, keep in mind how many children you’re caring for, how old they are, and where the family lives. The average hourly rate for a nanny in Ireland is €11-18 per hour, depending on factors such as experience and qualifications.

As a nanny, you are considered an employee of the family and you are entitled to all the benefits and protections of an employee. SureSitter offers a payroll service to assist families with nanny payroll.


Finding the right job for you

Choosing the right family for you is really important. Check out our advice for choosing the right family to work with.

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