How to land your first job on SureSitter!

1. Complete your profile and make it stand out

Make sure you fully complete your profile. There are a few mandatory fields such as a profile picture and serviceable areas (i.e. the areas you wish to work in) but it’s also really important to complete all of the optional fields. This helps parents when considering whether or not to invite you to a job. The more areas you complete the more your profile will show up on parent searches.

Make sure your profile is published!

2. Respond to parents invitations quickly

Parents will review your profile and if they feel you are a good match for their needs they will invite you to connect with them. You will receive an email from the parents. Once you receive an email invitation from a family respond to that invitation as soon as you can to either accept or reject. This shows parents that you are reliable and is basic good manners.

3. Review and update your job seeking status regularly

Firstly ensure that your profile is published when you are available and seeking work. Regularly update your profile with the type of work you are looking for (babysitting, full-time or part-time).

4. Reviews

Once you have completed a job make sure to get a review from the family. This review will be shown on your profile and acts as a badge of trust and professionalism when other parents are looking at your profile.

5. And finally…

Only accept jobs that are right for you. We will try and match you with families that are local to you (in your serviceable area) and that match your qualifications and needs.

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