Tips for choosing the right family to work with as a nanny

How to choose the right family to work with?

Choosing the right family to work for is so important as a childminder or nanny.

Nanny jobs vary hugely – some are sole charge, others are shared care, some are live in, others live out. You have to decide what type of nanny job you would like, be good at, and thrive in.

Beyond the obvious salary conditions and job location, the relationship between the nanny and both the parents and children is crucially important as the childminder or nanny will be working in the child’s home. If you have completely different childcare ideas to the family then it just won’t work.

The connection you have with the child or children is the most important aspect of your job as a nanny. … In order to provide the care they need, you should have a great relationship with each child.

When a nanny meets with a family for the first time at the interview stage it’s important to have a list of questions made in advance that you can ask the family. This will help in determining whether or not the family is a good fit for the nanny and vice versa.

Is a live-in or live-out position is best for you? 

The positives of a live-in position are:

  • You save money on renting your own accommodation and don’t have to pay any household bills There is no commute
  • On babysitting nights you can go to bed with a monitor
  • Discuss this with your family, but they will often say they will pay for your meals
  • You will get to know the family really well and often are considered as part of the family
  • You form a strong relationship with the family


The negatives might be:

  • You are usually offered less pay as the family cover bed and board.
  • You get less privacy.
  • You are not always able to have guests/friends to stay Some nannies find they don’t ever feel off duty.


Some important interview questions to ask a family:

  1. What role do you see your nanny playing in your family?
  2. What will my duties be?
  3. How will we communicate?
  4. How do you discipline your children?
  5. What should I know About Health and Safety in this Household?
  6. Tell me a little bit about each of the children


While SureSitter can recommend good job matches for nannies and childminders, only you can determine if a family is a good fit for you.


By SureSitter