Supporting Single Parents

Single parents you are doing great! And yes you can do this. But there is no harm in asking for some help or advice. You deserve to be supported, we at SureSitter are here for you, along with Frolo which offers you a chance to be a part of a fantastic community of strong single parents. Frolo knows single parents so if you’re feeling in any way worried, alone, or just want some reassurance you can check out their website or download their app! Their app gives single parents in the UK and Ireland a platform to communicate with other single parents who truly understand what it can be like. Frolo really understands, so we reach out to them and asked for their advice.

Mother with helping her child

What advice would you give to single parents when it comes to managing dinner time?

“When it comes to mealtimes, planning is key! It’s the answer no one wants to hear, but meal planning really does help because it means you can get to tea time and not have to make a decision. It makes shopping and budgeting easier too.

Try to stay calm at mealtimes – kids can drive you crazy by liking a food one day and not the next – but eating together is as much about chatting and enjoying each other’s company as it is about obsessing over veg!”

Father cooking with his son

How can people help their friend or family member who is a single parent?

“When it comes to helping single parents one easy way to know what help would be most useful is simply to ask. Don’t make assumptions about what you think they might need, but instead just say you’d love to support them, what would be most useful? Often practical things like childcare are useful, but just having someone to chat to, to listen, is also valuable.

Single parents often feel reluctant to ask for or accept help, so keep that in mind – do it sensitively but genuinely.”

If you want even more brilliant advice be sure to check out the Frolo website. If your friend is a single parent why not recommend the Frolo app to them as a way to get support and find friends who are also single parents! And if you have a friend or a family member who is single parents remind them of how proud you are of them, because they really are so strong and doing a great job.  For more tips and advice check out our other insightful blogs and get expert parenting advice without the hassle.


By SureSitter – childminder ireland

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