A Fresh New Look

Feeling Good as a Mum!

Let’s face it Mums during lock-down, many of us have been stuck in our loungewear at home, and while it’s comfy it may not be the most stylish. But now that businesses in Ireland are opening back up we can treat ourselves to a fresh new look!

As a Mum, or even a new Mum you get a chance to create a new style for yourself, a style that makes you feel good and also comfortable. It’s important to think about your style when heading out as it can really affect your confidence ( Handy Tools to Boost Confidence).

If you’re heading back into work, maybe the office is opening back up again or maybe you’re back from maternity leave, it’s important to have a think about how you want to appear. Think about what the style is like in the office, is it casual, smart-casual, is there a ‘casual -Friday’ for example, take all this into consideration on your next shopping trip, as you want each outfit to have a purpose. Even if you’re a stay-at-home Mum, think about where you would wear each outfit.

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Woman holding bundle of clothes

We all know that we should avoid fast fashion. You’ll know if you’re clothes are considered fast fashion by looking at the:

  • Quality – The quality is poor and you get very few uses out of the items before it appears worn.
  • Price – The clothes are very cheap, sometimes the delivery is the most expensive part of the purchase, this may be because the clothes have been made in third-world regions.
  • Place – We don’t want to point the finger but we all know a certain cheap clothing store in Ireland and the UK which isn’t known for quality… there are many more stores in Ireland that fall into the fast fashion category. There are also online clothing stores which are often even worse for the environment than their brick and mortar competition.

What we suggest you do, which will be better for the environment and your pocket is to buy a nice selection of quality clothes from stores whose prices are a little higher. This can save you money long-term as these clothes can last for years, so you don’t need to replace them as often!

Women walking in stylish outfit

We spoke to The Pod Collection, a wonderfully stylish and sustainable clothing brand for mothers, and asked;

‘As things open back up and we start to move out of loungewear, do you have any advice for baby mammas who (are beautiful) but maybe want to feel prettier?’

“It is so easy to get stuck in the leggings and sweat top rut but as things start to open up, it’s a great time to make the transition out of those leggings – even if its just for the weekend.

Pop on a layer of tan with that feel-good dress that makes you and bump feel a million dollars.

Don’t ever feel the need to sacrifice your sense of style to the bump – there are gorgeous Maternity pieces to be found x”

Some great points! Just because you’re an expecting mother, doesn’t mean you can’t find trendy outfits to suit and fit you! You are unique and beautiful, so let your choice of clothes show that. If you’re a mother and want to freshen up your wardrobe then check out The Pod Collection’s website.

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