Top 10 rainy day activities for children


Rainy day activities for children

If the usual Irish weather is preventing you from taking the children outside, here are our top 10 rainy day activities for children!


  1. Play Hide and Seek

Children love playing this and you would be surprised how much time you can spend playing this, even in a small space. Get creative with the rules of the game and have the children recite the alphabet instead of counting to twenty.


  1. Board Games

Board Games are a great way to spend an afternoon and most games allow all the family to get involved. Whether it is traditional Monopoly, snakes and ladders or even Connect 4 you will enjoy it as much as the children!


  1. Baking

All children LOVE baking. Yes it’s messy but it’s fun and there’s also a learning element from it. Children learn life skills, improve thinking and maths skills having to measure and weigh ingredients and of course getting to enjoy the treats at the end is always a bonus!


  1. Family Movie

Create a home cinema! There’s nothing better than everyone gathering together on the sofa with blankets, popcorn, snacks and enjoying a family movie together.


  1. Make a tent/hut

Using blankets for the roof, kitchen chairs to hold it up, and lots of cushions children can have hours of fun building their hut and using their imaginations to transport themselves to all sorts of adventures. Or they can just play or colour in the huts, either way, it will keep children occupied for hours.


  1. Play Cards

Something we used to do ourselves as children, why not teach children some of the classic games like snap, gin rummy, old main or sevens.


  1. Arts and Craft

Make a collage by cutting up old magazines and using glue and paper to create some collage art. Get a scrapbook and create cool pictures using craft paper, glue, glitter, stickers, or whatever else you have.


  1. Dress up

Let their imaginations run wild by dressing up in old clothes, costumes, or even let them make their own costumes. Let them act out their characters in a home theatre.


  1. Disco Party

Host a home disco! Help release some of that energy with some energetic music and slick moves. Dancing around the house will bring you and your kids closer while you burn off pent-up energy and get some exercise. This fun, physical activity is sure to lead to a calm evening afterward.


  1. Read a book

Probably best done towards the end of the day, this activity is educational and fun! Cuddle up in a blanket with her favourite book and read together. Take turns reading, or have them read to you to keep them focused and interested.


Hopefully, these rainy day activities will keep the children busy for hours!

By SureSitter