Our Story

Why two frustrated Mums set out to solve the problem of accessing trusted childcare.

About us

Welcome to SureSitter!

SureSitter was founded by Sinead Asple and Paula Reilly, busy working Mums. Since having children we realised how difficult it can be to find trusted, local childminders and babysitters when you need them. It is time-consuming, incredibly expensive and often times options like creches just don’t work for lots of families. We also know from personal experience the stress it can cause trying to juggle work and childcare!

This is why we created SureSitter. We want to help families like you find someone that has been recommended by friends and other parents in your children’s school and social networks.

We are passionate about making these connections. Our mission is to help parents and childcarers find each other with the aim of creating long lasting relationships.

We hope you find your perfect childcarer!

Sinead & Paula

Created by parents, for parents.